Purpose of this website

The basic purpose of this website is to motivate you and encourage you to Design and Manufacture Excellent, Efficient, Economical,  Multifunctional, Flexible, and Innovative products and machines.

There is abundant information and links relating to the following industries are available on Internet and still, most of us keep on searching for our field related information (as it is scattered) on internet web. 

I have spent a lot of time to search, store and used most of these websites that are made by their respective owners and thus I have tried to keep the collection of free knowledge available to all my friends and a growing community of Indian Engineers.

The list of pages are having different headings and links to the knowledgeable websites that would be available to you anywhere in the world and round the clock. 

Some headings have information relating to following (and will mature up more with time)
  1. Moulds & Dies
  2. SPM machines
  3. Structural and Fabrication
  4. Basic engineering books
  5. Databooks and daily use information
  6. International standards related information and websites
  7. Training materials

If any page or section (of these collection of Internet websites) is able to keep your confidence high, that you have a ready ENGINEERING REFERENCE available on internet, my intention would be fulfilled.

    -- Bikram Jeet

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