"The first requisite of success is the ability to apply your physical and mental energies to one problem without growing weary."

-- Thomas Edison

Hi, I'm Bikram Jeet and i'm passionate about Designing Excellent Products.

As an Industry Expert, I designed and developed many Products that are presently in use by Automotive, Food and various Industries that compete in highly technical environment. ​I worked with many clients from US, Europe, China, Brazil, Korea, Mexico, Japan and Australia.

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"I bring great PRODUCTS in market using cutting edge TECHNOLOGY."

— Bikram Jeet (Technocrat*)

My philosophy - "Dream more and Achieve more!"

You know Industrial Engineers

  • Design Great Products
  • Solve problems using Design Methodology, and bring great concepts into Fruition!
  • Conceptualize, find Solutions, Solve Practical Problems, and Build Great Products! and
  • Take challenges of the future!

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My Process is very simple:

Concept > Design > Manufacture > Achieve

This photograph of the NASA Mars Science Laboratory rover, Curiosity.Source: NASA Website
This illustration is a demonstration of Concept to Reality made by Mankind to Dream big, Design Mars Rover "Curiosity", and send it to a Planet far away to sturdy its soil and atmosphere, that is light-years away from Earth. A great level of dedication of multiple Designers, Engineers, and Manufacturing is crucial to the success of such a mission. We salute to the undying spirit of human being to explore our universe and leap frog technological advancements, for betterment of human race.

Designers make imagination a Reality!

Everyone likes an appealing Design!

Great Designs catch attention and remembered forever.

Want your Designs to ...

... stand out in competition and get customers attention?

To achieve your goals in the Successful Product launches that meet market demands.

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