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Designing of Mezzanine Structure

Service Description

Mezzanine Structure are designed in most of the plants for the following reasons: 1. Additional space in the factory for the office staff. 2. Some of the heavy equipment (e.g. Electric panels) could be lifted from the floor and placed overheads, to address space constraints. 3. Processing plant's basic requirements meeting for example Fertilizer plant requires tanks to be lifted up, have pipe connections and valves, that are easy to connect and maintain using Mezzanine structure. In this online training session attendees will learn the basics as well as the latest technology developments in the industry. Modules Covered in this Training MODULE 1 - Mezzanine Structure design BASICS (for Beginners) MODULE 2 - Mezzanine Structure design construction MODULE 3 - Mezzanine Structure design calculations and formulas MODULE 4 - Mezzanine Structure wind and seismic analysis MODULE 5 - Automatic Mezzanine Structure design using Excel in SolidWorks (DEMO) MODULE 6 - EXTRAS - Galvanizing, Painting, Assembly, Transportation, Maintenance SYLLABUS: Design validation for Mezzanine Structure manufacturing Basic Mezzanine Structure design layout sketching and Hand calculations Tolerances and fits used in fastening parts Grounds fixing Calculations Production Guidelines and Checklists After Production Operations - Finishing, Machining, Packaging, Onsite assembly NOTE: The classes will continue for ~1 hour. In case some topics remain uncovered in the class, you may join our next session.

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Please keep us informed, well in time before cancelling the meeting session!

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