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Self-Improvement Workshop

Your Productivity Increases with these skills.

Service Description

You do your tasks on time. You deliver as per your senior's expectations. You like to be recognized, and you want to progress further in your carrier! You get demotivated by the daily routine of your job. You feel why you are pressed so hard to do some of the tasks, that you should not be doing at all. Why sometimes you are not productive and why you need to wear cap of others when a senior tells you to do it! There are so many WHY's come to your daily evening, and you don't find answers - so you want to know wither you are on a right path or not? Lets discuss what actually you want in your carrier and move forward in the right direction. You should not be wasting your time thinking and convincing on what is not in your best interest. We will discuss and take actions on what is the most important task in hand and proceed further. At the end of the call you would be motivated to take actions that are in your best interest.

Upcoming Sessions

Cancellation Policy

Please keep us informed, well in time before cancelling the meeting session!

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