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Welding symbols in Drawings

Understanding Welding symbols in Drawings

Service Description

You will learn to 1. Explain the importance of Welding Symbols on engineering drawings 2. Discuss the basic elements and fundamental principles of object representation 3. Distinguish between the different lines used on a welding print 4. Indicate key elements of a welding drawing 5. Identify common joint types and edge preparations 6. Correlate welds with basic joint types 7. Distinguish between the different types of welds and their respective symbols 8. Label parts of a weld 9. Identify the location of a weld with respect to the joint using the elements included on a print 10. Construct a welding symbol in order to demonstrate an understanding of print interpretation 11. Explain the rules governing the use of the arrow, reference line, supplementary symbols, and combined welding symbols 12. Describe the function and appropriate placement of supplementary data within a welding symbol 13. Describe a required braze by deciphering the parameters detailed within a brazing symbol 14. Determine the NDT method to be used by analyzing a nondestructive examination symbol 15. Analyze a combined welding and nondestructive examination symbol Who Should Attend Beginning designers, drafters, quality, procurement, tooling, production, manufacturing and shop personnel; designers, and others involved with tooling, production, inspection, routing in the shop; those involved with purchasing, costing and management; vendors and suppliers. Anyone wishing to learn how to decipher welding symbols and prints Anyone seeking to prepare for the Certified Welding Inspector exam

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