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Passionate About Inspiring Others

We all dream of a Great life, and going to the unseen places around the world, meeting people, famous personalities, celebrities, and businessmen.


I have been to places, that I never dream of during my struggling days. After I graduated from my college, I thought about how to earn money so that I could repay the debts, and serve my family well.  During my whole life I have provided solutions for various Automotive, Power and Industrial units by designing many of the Products, Machines and Plants. 

I always wanted to grow higher in my life and to achieve my dreams!


"I now provide coaching to Engineers for working on Highly complex Products and Machinery Design Projects"

Photo of Bikram Jeet

My Achievements

(This is "How I spent my last ~2 Decades in my professional life!)


  • Liaison globally with "Business decision makers, Entrepreneurs and Consultants"!

  • Leading my Global Engineering Team to support Engineering Departments in the USA, EUROPE, Brazil, Australia, Korea, China, Mexico and Japan for the "Design" of highly complex products and machinery.

  • Had the privilege to work with teams of World Leaders in Product, Machinery and Structural projects. (DONALDSON, MEGAFAB, ENERFAB, SIEMENS, DOUGLAS Machine, GROHE, CTG CLEAN, SAMTEL, and RICO are a few names from US, Germany and India)

  • My passion is to "Manage and Sell" - High-Value Engineering Products and Projects!

  • Have a Specialist Status for handling High-Value Projects, for the Heavy Industry.

  • Have indigenously developed tools for Project Management, Team Mgmt & Execution.

  • Specialized in Closing calls on mutually agreed terms and with a Focus on higher business growth.

  • Like Coaching, Counselling and Mentoring Engineers

  • Worked with many clients from US, Europe, China, Brazil, Korea, Mexico, Japan and Australia.



  • Prince2 Practioner - Axelos

  • Member of Leaders Excellence at Harvard Square




  • PD-PMD - CIPET (Bhopal)

  • DPMT - CIPET (Lucknow)

  • B.Sc - Maths (JLNC - Faridabad)

My Ideology


There are some really awesome people in this world & I'm willing to give back to them.

I feel confident to give back to society, Friends, and all loved ones near me and help others who are in need, and who are not having the privileges that I am presently enjoying. 

I feel there is so much to share with the people around us so that they could make significant changes in their carrier, business and personal lives!



I love to support and help someone who is bringing changes to the life of thousands of people Globally with their Business, Coaching, Products, Entrepreneurial skills, and Consultancy.

Stay connected with me and spread love, care and happiness forever!



I worked for many Indian and Foreign clients and supported the R&D and manufacturing of various products. 
-- Bikram Jeet (Technocrat)*

Bikram has travelled across the globe and has Experience in multiple fields.
Bikram Jeet lifestyle
Leaders-Excellence-Membership seal
Bikram Jeet delivering speach
I'm passionate about Interacting with Global Leaders in Engineering and Project Execution. - Bikram Jeet (Technocrat*)

*What's the meaning of "Technocrat"?

**A Technocrat is - "someone who advocates the supremacy of technical experts", or "a member of a powerful technical elite" !

Technocrats are individuals with technical training and occupations who perceive many important societal problems as being solvable, often while proposing technology-focused solutions. The administrative scientist Gunnar K. A. Njalsson theorizes that technocrats are primarily driven by their cognitive "problem-solution mindsets" and only in part by particular occupational group interests. Their activities and the increasing success of their ideas are thought to be a crucial factor behind the modern spread of technology and the largely ideological concept of the "information society". Technocrats may be distinguished from "econocrats" and "bureaucrats" whose problem-solution mindsets differ from those of the technocrats.

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