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Experience & Continued struggle!

Some life stories, while working with prominent customers:

1) I got to work on projects for an American Director who used to work on AutoCAD, for the Energy Fabrication company and is now it's Vice President. We did more than ~15 projects together, with around 6 team members under my supervision.

2) I worked with one of the  Director Operations in India, with whome we searched for finalizing a CNC Machine Shop, and he gave me free hand for picking the right guy for the CORE-CAVITY, inserts machining.   We made more than 10 times production of Moulds, in next 2 years, of this visit.

3) I was one of the candidate, where a Director was giving presentation about his company, who remembered names of all the candidates who came for the interview, after just a 5 minutes group interaction session. I got selected, and two of my friends didn't.

4) One of Manager made fun of me, and teased me for the highest accuracy in Aluminium parts design on SDRC IDEAS. He was very peculiar about even 0.001 mm. I made Biggest die for the first time in that  company. I made design of Special tools like Squeeze Diecasting, Vaccum Casting, and Trimming tools for ferrous casting for the first time in that company.

5) One of my Manager answered many of the questions asked by American Embassy, about me to explain why I am the best candidate to be hired from India for a job work task in an American company. I have high respect for him.

6) I know a German Director, who took a day off for me and my colleague, and took us for a sight seeing near Frondenberg.

7) I worked with a Lady Director of Products Management team, for more than 6 years, and she never left any meeting with me without praising for the services me and my team provided to her team in USA.

8) I worked for one of the American Fabrication machine manufacturer, for designing their machines and supporting in CAD activities. After one year, he and his colleagues came to India to meet us, and he asked me since how long I was working with this Indian Engineering Service providing company? I said just ~1 year, and you are my first client I started working with. He smiled.

During my struggling days while working with many of the clients, many times I forgot to have lunch on time, forgot about my back pain, eyes, and did late sittings in office and workshops to get the task in hand done to the utmost perfection and on time delivery.


Careless people will just keep on watching you from a corner and say that work was easy, and happens automatically!

Bull shit !

Things don't just happen by their own, the Leader always take the work pressure and continue to work with his team members to give them motivation and guidance.

Everyone who has reached to the top position in their careers, have worked hard.

You always need to work on it alone, and there would be nobody to support you! Period!

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