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Leadership expectations

Updated: Jan 23

Leaders are expected to perform at peak performance and drive their team members, through unexpected challenges and roles that are driven by passion and hardwork!

Targets will always be tough, and expectations will always be high as the history will teach lessons to each generation of humans that whatever has happened in the past, the next level demands a new innovative and challenging environment where disruption occurs.

Why you need to plan your day's, weeks and months in advance?

  • The purpose of your job is to do the tasks and planning for the responsibilities that you are given to manage smartly and effectively!

  • Sometimes you will have to wear caps of different size and colours and perform the roles that are beyond your subject of expertise!

  • It requires different skills - "When you have to do a task or when you have to get the same task done by others"!

  • You have limited time in a day, so unless you delegate some of your tasks to the other specialists in your team, the outcome may not be achieved in the time period or the results may not be as per your expectations!

I can help you in mastering the skills. I have been practicing these skills since last +20 years. Using simple tools like MS Excel, Calendars, Email automation, and Planning, you can improve your expectations on a daily basis.

Join my courses by visiting:

  1. You will learn to plan your weeks in advance.

  2. You will be capable enough to send >650 emails per day, if required.

  3. You will know what are the tasks in hand, and will be effectively able to delegate them to your specific team members, and monitor them.

You know your weakness, and understand them better than anybody else on this planet, and to improve your skills you need to master some techniques, to work smarter and have more pleasure time to spend with your family and friends.

So, don't wait, and join my courses,

Wish you all the best!

Bikram Jeet

Your well-wisher!


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