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How you use 24 hours to your advantage, changes everything.

Our body has a timer function, and we can follow a system to track our weekly activities.

Generally speaking, around 80% of people work for around 8 hours a day. 15% work for 10 hours a day and 5% work for more than 12 hours a day.

Actual output could be between 60%~80% for gaining any significant results in any field of work they are doing.

Often all the processes in Games, Industry and General Civilians day to day life are measured on a Month to Month basis.

When we spend 10% of 12 hours working routine daily, we have only 1 or a maximum of 1.5 hours left for making a significant change in our lives.

Once we are consistent, I can say with confidence that anyone can get visible results in less than 3 months (one quarter).

The changes that you would like to see in your life depends on these 18 activities. You may change them, you may replace any of the tasks in this list of activities, or include additional tasks, that takes major portion of your time everyday, but you cannot change the total number of hours.

Let's say we have top 10 activities in our daily life. Some of us go to the office. Some go to school, or their place of work. It all depends on who you are and what actually you do for your living. You also need some rest every day. You need proper food and nutrition. You need clean air and water. You need a partner who listens to you and could be your friend, fiance or spouse.

Whatever your daily routine is, you will spend 30% of the time Sleeping, and ~8-10% of the time in conveyance i.e. moving between your home to your work location. If you are spending more than that, then you must be doing it at a cost of some of the other activities which means a compromise is being made.

If you are missing breakfast, exercise or rest, you are compromising your physical health.

If you are not reading, talking to knowledgeable friends and mentors or colleagues, and analyzing the knowledge in your subconscious brain, while staying in a peaceful environment, you are compromising your learning abilities.

The choice is yours ... use your time wisely to accomplish your goals.

Here is the datasheet that you may use as an example.

Make something like this in your diary or computer, wherever you can track your time. Make changes and achieve whatever you like.

You can make a document in excel and use for planning your daily routine.

A percentage snapshot of your time will display your skill improvement on a daily and weekly basis. Actually, it shows where your life is going and what is your focus area.

As human beings, we all have a Biological clock built inside our bodies. We have to honour nature and natural laws while dealing with them.

Please share your views.


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