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TV and Mobiles = Advertisement

Updated: Aug 24, 2022

What is social media doing to our personal life?

During our childhood, we started to look for alternatives for spending our spare time after dinner, to watch TV and enjoy Songs, Movies and News.

Slowly, slowly, we changed our priorities and TV watching became our daily habit, and unknowingly we got used to watch repeated NEWS broadcasts, and repeatedly started watching the Serials, as these were able to generate and fire-up the most interesting quality of human beings that we are interested to know what is NEW and What is going to happen in the future.

Movie makers and News makers got a great opportunity to showcase their talents.

And then the advertisement companies realised that why not reach out to the audience of TV watching public and sell them products and services that they are offering.

Then it becomes obvious to telecast the DETERGENT, Toothpaste and Salt companies to show their advertisement during and between Serials and in between NEWS telecasts.

Sports started live streaming their shows, and more advertisement started popping up, on the field and on TV.

Many TV channels started popping up and separate TV channels become specialists in showing MOVIEs, SONGS, Wildlife, Cartoon, Sports, Drama and LIVE telecast, and started to flood the minds of the audience with their advertisement business.

The idea was to show good images, videos of their products, so that customers become more and more aware about their brands and products they offer.

Once any customer understands or knows about the brand name, they were excited and felt happy to loose their money for buying.

Now a days, FB, WHATSAPP and many social media business are utilising the same strategy to first build an audience and later feed them with the advertisements.

Let's go back to the time when there was no TV and we used to dial phone using Bulky Black Telephone using circular finger operated dial gauge.

We used to listen NEWS on Radio only, and never on TV or Mobile phones.

Now we can't go back in that time, and we are unnecessarily giving away our time Nd energy free of cost to watch these advertisements.

How we can do?

Just switch off the phone and TV, when you don't want anyone to disturb you or steal your time.

Just use phone, and TV to watch the most important and entertainment telecasts, and use your time very well in a planned way, so that you FOCUS on your productivity, by doing something valuable and practical.

Spend time physically on your studies and with your family. Learn a new skill or go out to visit some friends and look for some adventures.

Smile more and have a great week ahead !

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