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Work Hard or Smart?

Updated: Jan 23

Pretend for a moment that you were doing the hiring and paying the bill. Would you rather pay a hard-working man with an axe for ~2 months to clear your land of trees, or pay a lazy dude with a chainsaw who can do it in one month?

What I'd really like is a hard-working man with a chainsaw, but given the choices, I'll take the man who made the smart tool choice over the one who works hard. Why? The bottom line, it gets the job done faster and cheaper, which is what I really want.

A smart plan is better than a hard-working plan every time. Working hard at things no one cares about is simply not productive.

Making smart choices that contribute to the results that matter to other people is one of the keys to success. Solid up-front goals and objectives planning sessions are critical to your personal success and to the success of everything you endeavour to do. If you're a hard-working person, learning to effectively recognize the goals and intelligently plan objectives and strategies to accomplish them is one of the best investments you can make in yourself.

My success management tip for hard workers:

"Learn to plan smart first, and then work hard. This is an unbeatable combination!"


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