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Importance of R&D, Manufacturing, and Innovation!

Updated: Jan 23

Do you know why different types of Robots are being made and why we are using computers? Do you know why we are hearing about Artificial Intelligence and Software technologies?

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I came from an engineering background and spent a lot of time (around 20+ years) with Engineers in the design of Machines, Products, and Plants. So, here I am sharing my expertise in understanding what Various Industries are trying to achieve, and how specialized skills are being utilized to make a profitable viable solution for all of us.


It's nice to come in touch with fresh minds every year and work with them to achieve even higher goals. Achieving success is part of my life now and I thank all of my friends, colleagues, and mentors!

How Engineers work and what they are trying to accomplish:

When we make something that is required by the customers we think about Form, Fit and Function. This is because our mindset is trained to understand how a part is made and how we can manufacture it economically so that Consumers and Companies share a profitable deal. That means the consumer gets the best product and the business achieves its financial targets.

We all understand that the outcome of any Business is profit. Until unless you are making a profit by either selling your products or services, the business will collapse.

Do you know why it is important to understand human psychology working behind it?

Let's see, the three categories of people around us:

A) Buyers/Customers/Consumers

  • Buyers/Customers are the people who buy products because of business needs / or emotional reasons. They want to feel good, they want to have a comfortable life and they want to travel lavishly. Consumers buy products that are either available from Natural Resources like Vegetables & Fruits or are Mass Produced by Factories, using various resources like Man/Machine/Automation, etc. Business customers (called Tier 1 companies) are again the business that buys products to make an Original Equipment (OEMs) product using small products from MSMEs or SMEs (called Tier 2 & 3 companies).

B) Sellers/Traders

  • Traders or Sellers are the people who Market and Sell the products so that they can make commission/profits. They have principally two processes B2B (Business to Business) and B2C (Business to Consumers).

C) Manufacturers/Business owners

  • Manufactures are the people or companies, who set up various teams so that they can either Make some Products or provide some sort of Services in a coordinated and efficient manner. Some examples of services are Training Finance books keeping or Resource management. They do this because they have facilities available to mass-produce those products, have great resources available and have great experience in delivering the results.

Case Study:

Life of Henry Ford the founder of the Ford Motor Company, and the sponsor of the development of the assembly line technique of mass production, and Thomas Edison who contributed to the inventions, which include the phonograph, the motion picture camera, and the long-lasting, practical electric light bulb, and have had a widespread impact on the modern industrialized world, are great examples!


The most critical task is done by the Manufacturer who is investing a lot of money and effort to manufacture products or is providing services.

The Traders or sales team does the hard work of getting qualified clients and telling them the benefits of the products or services they are going to get. That means finding the right client understanding their needs and selling them the right product or services.

We all know, that it requires a lot of effort to develop a type of skill set, but when everyone aims to make a profit without spending efforts on Manufacturing, R&D, and innovation, we may not see great products that provide comfort and happiness life to all of us.

So for example, what a Trader will do and what a Customer will do if efforts are not made for the R&D, Manufacturing, and Innovation!

What new learning or perspective you find that resonates with you, after reading the above story?

Well, I have one suggestion - Whatsoever you do, just remember -

Do what you love to do!

and a question for you as well!

What profession you have chosen and why?


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