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Bring excellent Industrial products to market using cutting-edge technology!

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We all dream of a Great life, and going to unseen places around the world, meeting people, famous personalities, celebrities, and businessmen.


I have been to places I never dreamed of during my struggling days. After I graduated from my college, I spent more than +22 years in the Design of various Products, Machines and Plants for Indian as well as global companies, and lead a team of more than ~26 Design Engineers for providing Engineering Design Services.


I have provided solutions for various Automotive, Power and Industrial units by designing many Products, Machines and Plants.

Now, I provide coaching to Engineers for working on Highly complex Products and Machinery Design Projects.

I am also providing consultancy to the Industrial units in Delhi NCR region, in the fields of Design, Engineering and Manufacturing.

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I would like to express my sincere gratitude to my colleagues, and customers for sharing their wonderful feedback and recommendations, as we worked together on projects.

  • What output we could expect after the Meeting?
    The outcome of the meeting should be: 1. You would have a better understanding of the topics of your interest. 2. You can plan for the next ~3 months, as to what kind of decisions needs to be taken, and how to implement them. 3. You may receive a follow-up email with some reference documents and insights on your topic of interest. 4. We may lead to sign an MOU to work with your esteemed organisation.
  • How do I ask you a question or send you our queries for business-related topics?
    Here are the process steps: 1. Select the topic of your choice from the "Services" page. Here: > 2. Book an online meeting. 3. Before the meeting, send your detailed agenda of the meeting so that we come prepared. 4. Ask the short and direct questions, to the direct and short answers to your queries. 5. In case a further follow-up is required, we will make sure that it is scheduled as per your convenience. 6. We will send a MOM report and some reference documents so that you can take your decisions after the meeting.
  • Can we contact you directly on your phone number or expect an answer to our email from you?
    We work with professionals, and for attending the meetings and answering your queries, we need to have our time scheduled for an online meeting. Telephonic meetings are now outdated, and ZOOM, Webex, and Google Meetings are now the new trend, where we can save our travel time, and avoided any distractions (that are very obvious when you are outside your office in a market or haven't fixed a common time for the call.) So to summarize, when we schedule the meeting, we would be prepared to discuss the Agenda Points, and you can expect a good outcome. Note: In case of re-scheduling the meetings, please make sure you do it 1 hour before the meeting starts. It would be nice if you send us a confirmation of attending the meeting on time. A pre-defined Agenda needs to be shared by you, in advance.
  • Where are you located ?
    We are located in Bhiwadi, Rajasthan, India !
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