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Changing lifes

I am happy and feel proud of 2 things.

  1. I have changed life's of some people fully !

  2. Some people have changed my life fully.

I sometimes get a alert message from my family members and friends who know me personally that "Bikram" you are too generous and lend your helping hand to everyone. People are very smart and they are taking advantage of your soft heart. They are interested in your money and material things. Once you give it to them they will never thank you and give you returns.".

I say this story to them.

I feel that it doesn't matter a few times, that you help others who can't repay you at the moment.

I feel nobody intentionally is interested to harm anyone else, and have bad intentions.

I feel that it is their circumstances and gaps in their skills to deal with a situation that is in front of them. They are unable to recover, reconnect and analyse how they could resolve to put an end to an ongoing crisis in their lives.

It is this moment, where they see you as one source of hope, and they wish that if you could help them overcome this problem.

Well, if you have limited resources, money or time too, but still help someone within your capacity, then you are doing a great job and you are stronger that you think.

Here is the Oak tree telling you this !

Say with me "I am stronger than I ever knew."

Cheers !!

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