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How to build excellent team culture at your office!

Updated: Oct 12, 2023

How to build excellent team culture at your office for higher involvement and productivity?

Make an environment where everyone of your team members feel valued and important.

Employee Birthday recognition/ celebration is one of the worthy way to build the team culture.

In today’s virtual team environments, it can act as a way to engage/connect with all of the remote employees.

With the employees’ birthday celebration , organization can make them feel special and demonstrate that organization cares about all the employees.

Also such engagement initiative can boost employee morale and motivation while increasing productivity.

Here – A few points why we should celebrate employee’s birthday at site/s :

✓ Birthdays are an important event to celebrate because we are focused on individual employees.

✓ An employee’s birthday is the event when they are recognized separately.

✓ Employees are an asset/ possibilities to an organization, so a company should observe every employees birthday.

✓ An employee feels wanted and a part of the company when he is appreciated and remembered for important events like birthdays.

✓ A birthday is a great time to show how much the employee means to the organization.

✓ Additionally, recognizing this milestone is a great way to shift the focus away from work for a few minutes.

✓ Even if employees just take a moment to sing “Happy Birthday” and watch their colleague blow out candles, they will return to their duties with an increased sense of unity – and probably a cupcake!

✓ Celebrating employees birthday may serve as a tool to boost employee retention, employee engagement and team-bonding.

✓ Birthdays are a key milestone in a person’s life and it appears to be one of the most universally and popularly celebrated events ever.

Without any prejudice, in my view , all organization should cultivate such culture of recognition as little step to create a positive vibe.

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