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I just released myself from nuisance of having multiple apps in my Android mobile phone.

More about Productivity

It saved my mobile phone memory about 40GB,  when I deleted all the phone apps mentioned below and increased my focus on just the things that matter the most.

1) YouTube

2) LinkedIn

3) Money control

4) Facebook

5) Banking Apps

6) Paytm & other Payments apps

7) Google Drive and Onedrive

8) MS Office apps like Excel, Word and PowerPoint

9) WhatsApp (Cleaned up all the images, videos and recorded messages - basically reinstalled it after taking a full backup)

10) WIX apps (used to manage our websites and products marketing campaigns)

What I realised is that all these apps are designed to steal your valuable time and attention, by providing unnecessary advertisements and inviting your focus to entertainment rather than productivity in business.

There are all the softwares available on your Laptop or Computer to work professionally, and not all the things needed to be carried on your MOBILE PHONE.

How many users in India use Android mobile phones?

Here is the data :

Google knows whatever you do on your mobile phone and keeps a record of your movements, your search history and communication.

Facebook, YouTube and LinkedIn also grabs a lot of your time by pushing maximum advertisements which are mostly non relevent, and you get frequently updated apps that compromise your data security, by pleasently asking for your permission to ALLOW them to your PERSONAL DATA.

WHY do you need these apps ?

WHY you need to carry them in your mobile phone?

There are many companies that don't let all the employees to carry the Android smartphone inside their campus, and these are taken in custody at the Main Gate Security, so that employees work on productivity tasks, without any security breaches about the internal information.

Why China has its own internet and communication app? It doesn't allow Google and many other apps have restrictions ?

What India can do to keep its citizens data safe and have its own Google like app ?

Suggestions ?

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